Aloha Soul Sister,

Welcome to my virtual Paradise. Take a deep breath and relax for a moment. BE with me.

warriorYou’ve been struggling long enough. I offer you no less than a safe haven to lay down your heavy armor, heavy sword and heavy heart.

We’ll replace all that with a potent magic wand — mightier than the sword and lighter than the sun — the power of your own Inner Creatrix.

I’m here to show you how to create your personal Paradise on Earth and help you remember your pure potential as a radiant being, full of joy, enthusiasm and delight.

I will guide you through my revolutionary Creatrix Empowerment Systemtm, so you can connect with the part of you that is most powerful!

Your inner Creatrix is the Divine Feminine force within you that enables you to be the Sovereign Authority of your life.

She is the matrix of Pure Love and Pure Intent that weaves the worlds and empowers you to craft your new reality. She offers your version of Paradise on Earth and is rich, vital and abundant.  

The Creatrix is me. The Creatrix is YOU.

SuzannaKauaiI want to help you transform from Weary Warrior to Empowered Creatrix.

Many years ago, I was where you are now and I have designed the Creatrix Empowerment Systemtm to provide you with step-by-step guidance and support along your journey.

The world needs you to be who you really are and do what you came here to do!

I’m here for you.  Love,





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Jody Howard, Houston, TX

 “Every one of the 12 upgrades presented an incredible gift that completely changed my life, how I view it, and how I perceive myself."
Christine Nelson, Horton, MI

 “I am determined that every one that I love experience it."
Kelley Riebel, Norfolk, VA

 “Now I feel equipped to handle the emotions and beliefs that were preciously unconscious or misunderstood. The peace and bliss are pretty darn cool."
Sandra Baillie, Panama City

 “Before the upgrades, I would crumble under stressful situations and feel a sense of doom and fear that I could not cope with. The upgrades had an amazing effect on this whole scenario. I am a different person."
Ellen Nagy, Hillsdale, NJ

 “What drew me to the technology was the comprehensive nature of the process. Every step builds on the previous one and in the end, the changes you have are permanent."
Andrew Lemonier, Jersey City, NJ

 “I feel so blessed to have found Suzanna and Reality Crafting Institute. Already I feel like a new person. Can't believe this is only the first much more to look forward to!!"
Annie Jury, South Australia

 “I have just finished the Emotional/Mental detox and I have had wonderful results, thank you so much! I am no longer emotionally triggered by my past and I have had significant physical healing as well. I am recommending this program to ANYONE!"